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The is a Comment on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Proposed Rule: NPRM: Passenger Screening Using Advanced Imaging Technology (Federal Register Publication)

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I have stopped traveling by airlines because of the nude body scanning and body searches. Having 4 replaced joints, I am full of metal and have had numerous X-rays. I don't want to subject myself to more X-rays and these invasive procedures. I'm 74 years old and not a terrorist.

My husband and I were a writer-photographer team and used to fly everywhere for our business. Since you have instituted these procedures, we have been forced to give up our business.

I realize that you are against profiling, but it would certainly catch more terrorists than your machines and pat downs. It would cost us, the taxpayers, less too.

Thank you.
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Jun 24 2013, at 11:59 PM ET
ID: TSA-2013-0004-0190
Tracking Number: 1jx-84if-uqnu

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Date Posted: Apr 2, 2013
RIN: 1652-AA67
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Submitter Name: El Hilf
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