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Doc 1 - Original ECi AD Worksheet 11-NE-42 NPRM

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Doc 2 - ECi Separations List for Docket

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Doc 3 - Cylinder White Paper -Final June 17 2013 signed

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Doc 4 - 2013-06-26 ECi Cylinder Failure Talking Points

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Doc 5 - Typical Dome and First Thread Separations

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Doc 6 - FAA Safety Recommendations 08.365-08.366 SRs

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Doc 7 - FAA Safety Recommendations 11.216

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Doc 8 - Risk Assessment for Reciprocating Engine Airworthiness Directives 1999-00006

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Doc 9 - FAA Safety Recommendation A-12-7

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Date Posted: Sep 20, 2013
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Country: United States
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