Byrd, Rhonda: Alma Sunbelt Blueberries

The is a Comment on the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Proposed Rule: Assessment Rates: Blueberry Promotion, Research and Information Order

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I believe that the proposed assessment increase is justified as there is great need to continue to promote blueberries and to research the possible health benefits of increased consumption. The monies assessed in the past have been used wisely and with diligence, being mindful of the work required to earn every dollar the grower gets from producing a food safe fruit. Furthermore, the education aspect of encouraging good agricultural practices helps protect the public, the produce and the environment.

It should be noted that this assessment is not an undue burden on domestic producers as it is not only collected on domestic blueberries but also on all imported blueberries. As we struggle with a fragile economy and an era of uncertainty, I feel that it is more important than ever that the balance between the blueberry supply (current and future) and demand be maintained by increasing the awareness and desire for blueberries.

This comment is in support of increasing the assessment from the current $12 per ton to $18 per ton.
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Jul 19 2013, at 11:59 PM ET
ID: AMS-FV-12-0062-0021
Tracking Number: 1jx-85jq-4pp6

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Date Posted: May 28, 2013
RIN: Not Assigned
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Submitter Name: Rhonda Byrd
City: Hazlehurst
Country: United States
State or Province: GA
Organization Name: Alma Sunbelt Blueberries