A government entity that publishes rules or notices in the Federal Register. Click here  for a full listing of government agencies and their acronyms.
Agency Entries
Entries are specific items listed in Regulatory Agendas.
A written expression of an opinion or attitude by a member of the public to a government agency about a rulemaking or other action. A date range exists during which an individual can submit a comment.
The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Rules published in the Federal Register by executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. A CFR Citation Number exists for each regulation referring to these rules.
Compliance Date
Date by which affected parties must comply with a rule.
Date Posted
The Date a document was posted to the website and made available for public view and comment.
Date Received
For a comment submitted through, this marks the date a comment is entered by the commenter. For a comment submitted to an agency via mail, fax, or email, this marks the date a comment is entered into the internal agency system ( by the Agency.
See Docket Folder
Docket Folder
A collection or repository of documents related to a rulemaking or other action.
Docket ID
A Docket ID is a unique identifier established for a docket.
A term that includes rules, proposed rules, notices, supporting and related materials, and public submissions. This item is housed in a docket and there may be multiple documents in a docket.
Document ID
A Document ID is a unique identifier established for a document.
Document Type & Subtype
Document Type is a primary classification of a document. There are six document types: Proposed Rule; Rule; Notice; Other, Supporting and Related Materials; and Public Submissions (i.e., Comments). A Document Subtype is a secondary classification of a document such as a Notice of Public Meeting.
Federal Register (FR)
The official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents.
FR Document
A term used to encompass all documents published in the Federal Register (FR). These include proposed rules, rules, and notices.
Legacy ID
An alternate identifier for a docket or document used by an agency that can post Federal Register documents and related materials on
A type of regulation that does not result in a rule. Example: Notice of Hearing Dates.
After Congressional bills become laws, Federal agencies are responsible for putting those laws into action through regulations. The types of regulations that can be found on this site include: Notices from the Federal Register; Proposed Rules; Final Rules. Documents such as public comments and supporting materials are often associated with these regulations.
Regulatory Identification Number (RIN)
Number assigned to each regulation that allows it to be cross-referenced with the Regulatory Agenda, a document that summarizes upcoming regulations for each Federal agency. Find an agency's Regulatory Agenda .
A type of regulation that establishes a rule, the means by which congressional laws are implemented.
Rulemaking Process
The process Federal agencies use to formulate, amend or repeal a regulation. This process often contains a proposed rule and a final rule, and may accept public comments during specified time periods.
When issuing rules and proposed rules, Federal agencies and departments tag their publications with subjects defined by the Office of Federal Register, as well as agency-identified keywords.