A government entity that publishes rules or notices in the Federal Register. View the full listing of government agencies and their acronyms.
Agency Contact
Person(s) designated by the agency as the point of contact for a specific docket.Not all agencies designate a contact.Agency Contacts are also listed in the Federal Register document.
Alternate Ways to Comment
Some federal agencies provide users with alternate ways to submit a comment.This information is found on the comment form.
Category uses the following categories to group notices, proposed rules, rules, and documents: Aerospace and Defense; Agriculture, Environment and Parks; Banking and Financial Services; Commerce and Transportation; Education, Executive, Labor and Services; Energy, Utilities, Materials and Mining; Health Care, Food and Pharmaceutical; Information, Technology, and Telecommunications; Law Enforcement and Security; and Property and Real Estate.
The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
The legal code formed by rules published in the Federal Register by executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. A CFR Citation Number is used to reference each rule.
Comments Due
Date and time when the public comment period ends.
Comments Received
Number of comments submitted on a specific document, or the total number of comments in a docket.
Date Posted
The date a document was posted to the website.
Folder for documents or other information related to an agency's Rulemaking or Nonrulemaking activities.
Docket ID
Unique identifier established for a docket. This includes the agency acronym and the year created.
Docket Type
Primary classification of a docket as either Rulemaking or Nonrulemaking.
Items included in a docket, such as Federal Register documents, supporting and related material documents, and public submission documents.
Document Abstract
Summary of the document.
Document Details
Additional descriptive details about a document.
Document ID
Unique identifier established for a document.This includes the agency acronym, the year created, the docket, and the document number.
Document Subtype
A secondary classification of a document that is unique to each agency.
Document Title
Formal title of the document.
Effective Date
Date on which a rule takes effect and is enforced, as specified in the Federal Register.
Federal Docket Management System (FDMS)
FDMS is used by government agencies use to manage the content that is available to the public on
Federal Register (FR)
The official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations.Additionally this publication includes Executive Orders and other presidential documents.
Federal Register Document (FR Doc)
A term used to encompass all documents published in the Federal Register (FR).These include notices, proposed rules, rules, and in some cases other documents.
FR Volume Number
Identifies the volume number of the document when published in the Federal Register.
A type of publication that does not result in a rule, for example: a Notice of Hearing Dates.
Posting Restriction
Restriction on posting the comment/public submission details on
Reason Restricted
Reason why the document is not shown on; it might include confidential business information or copyrighted information.
Received Date
Date that the document was created in FDMS.For a comment submitted through, this marks the date a comment is submitted. For a comment submitted to an agency via mail, fax, or email, this marks the date a comment is entered into the internal agency system ( by the agency.
After Congressional bills become laws, Federal agencies are responsible for putting those laws into action through regulations.
Regulation Identification Number (RIN)
A number assigned by the Regulatory Information Service Center that identifies each regulatory action listed in the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions.
Related Dockets
A reference created by an agency showing a relationship between two dockets.
Federal rulemaking entity that exists within a department or agency.
Tracking Number
System-generated number that allows a user to search for their comment on