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  • Once you locate a document that is open for comment, click the "Comment Now!" button on either the Search Results or the Document Details page. This will display the Comment form. You can enter your comment on the form, attach files (up to 10MB each), as well as your personal information when applicable. Be sure to complete all required fields. Please note that information entered on the web form may be viewable publicly. These fields are identified by the globe icon. Once you reach the "Your Preview" screen, the information that will be viewable publicly is displayed directly on the form under the section titled: "This information will appear on" To complete your comment, you must first agree to the disclaimer and check the box. This will enable the "Submit Comment" button.

    Upon completion, you will receive a Comment Tracking Number for your comment. To learn more about comment submission, visit the Submit a Comment section of the "How to Use" pages.

    Some agencies also accept comments by mail, fax, or email. To find out if you can use one of these alternate methods, click the "Alternate Ways to Comment" link in the upper right corner of the comment form "Your Information" screen.

    NOTE: The comment due date indicated on is based on Eastern Standard Time. For example, if the comment due date is listed as 05/05/2014, then you have until 05/05/2014 11:59PM ET to complete your comment on

    Only Participating Agencies will provide a Comment Tracking Number.

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