Comment 7: Wine America

The is a Comment on the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Proposed Rule: Notice No. 122: Revision to Vintage Date Requirements

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Wine America Comment on Vintage Dating Proposal (Comment 7)

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Abstract: This comment is from WineAmerica, a national trade association representing nearly 800 winery members in 48 States and nearly 40 State winery associations. The comment supports TTB's proposal to allow the use of a vintage date on a wine labeled with a country as an appellation of origin.
Agency Notes: Comment signed by WineAmerica's chief operating officer and general counsel, Cary M. Greene.

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ID: TTB-2011-0008-0010
Tracking Number: 80f87200

Document Information

Date Posted: Dec 27, 2011
RIN: 1513-AB84
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Submitter Information

Submitter Name: Michael Kaiser
City: Washington
Country: United States
State or Province: DC
Organization Name: WineAmerica
Submitter's Representative: Cary Greene, CEO & general counsel.