The is a Comment on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Proposed Rule: NPRM: Passenger Screening Using Advanced Imaging Technology (Federal Register Publication)

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Hi! Yeah, you guys suck, the body scanners (which I suppose is what this comment period is about) not only are useless, they are ACTIVELY HARMFUL (google the guy who was able to sneak metal through them, yeah, you're so stupid). Did I mention the massive waste of time, energy, and taxpayer dollars?

While we're at it, your whole airport security theater is idiotic, a giant waste of time and more money, and just theater, you harass Chewbacca and children and countless otherand although I'm generally of the opinion that much (maybe 51% or so, ballpark) of government is a good idea, it makes me intensely angry that you, TSA, even exist as a government agency.

Please don't mistake the brevity of my comments as me not having an issue with any of the other things you do that I haven't mentioned... it's just I have much better things to do with my time than list them all, so let's just take it as read that I am opposed to your entire philosophy of being. Thanks.
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Jun 24 2013, at 11:59 PM ET
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Date Posted: Jun 25, 2013
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