The is a Comment on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Proposed Rule: NPRM: Passenger Screening Using Advanced Imaging Technology (Federal Register Publication)

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You're really asking us if we want you to be checking out our genitals in the name of national security? If you cant manage to stop all the supposed terrorism from happening with your recently issued AR-15s and metal detectors and bomb sniffing dogs, then i think we need to find a more competent agency.

Also the fact that thousands of personal effects have gone missing from airports and have been traced back to TSA employees speaks volumes on your agencies level of integrity. You protect us, you dont even make us feel safe. An x-ray machine that images our childrens genitalia and then surely stores it into the DHS's database isnt going to change anything.

Best case scenario, your force a terrorist to go into this machine and when he realizes hes caught he detonates it and rids us the hassle of getting baked in radiation while a TSA agent rubs his boner in the back room.

No. Not that my opinion matters at all. And you really want us to put in all our personal info (Full name, address, job) and then let you just post it on your site next yo our nice little review on your ridiculous policy?
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Jun 24 2013, at 11:59 PM ET
ID: TSA-2013-0004-1097
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Date Posted: Apr 24, 2013
RIN: 1652-AA67
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