Jack A. Webber

The is a Comment on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Proposed Rule: NPRM: Passenger Screening Using Advanced Imaging Technology (Federal Register Publication)

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No to scanners.

You want to see my junk? Fine. But first buy me a drink.

Last time I was at the airport I saw a 70 year old grandmother molested because of large coat buttons and knitting needles.

This is security? It's theater. I will not submit to these naked scans. If you want to know what I've got, you're going to have to feel me up. I'm going for the pat down every time. Add to that, I don't want my cells ionized by this radiation.

Hundreds of TSA officers stealing passengers property. Molesting children. Now you want to see us all naked. All for what? When tested, 90% of weapons get through anyway. I've even had several banned item get through.

How all this got past the 4th Amendment I cannot even fathom.
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Jun 24 2013, at 11:59 PM ET
ID: TSA-2013-0004-0875
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Date Posted: Apr 23, 2013
RIN: 1652-AA67
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