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I sit in airports, and watch people get shuffled through these machines, raising their hands like criminals 'assuming the position,' and I think- "How did we get so afraid?" Everyone who is any good at math knows that the odds of dying on a plane are miniscule compared to those assumed even driving to the airport.
Imagine if the TSA was able to minimize driving risk in the same way as flying risk. Breathalizers would be mandatory in every vehicle to prevent a single instance of drunk driving; Stopping cars at random to perform chemical tests ensuring that no drinks in the car contain alcohol would be common; Alertness tests would be administered to prevent accidents due to fatigue, and on and on.
In fact- take the TSA's approach and apply it to ANY activity with any risk, however small, and you will see that we wouldn't stand for it anywhere else. A terrorist can just as easily (and have demonstrated their willingness to) blow up a Sbarros as an airplane, and there is no way we would pass through an AIT machine to enter a mall. See

When placed in front of congress, John Pistole has referred to security screening as a partnership between the TSA and the traveling public- and for a while it was. Take off your shoes- fine. No liquids allowed- weird, but, hey it's for the common good, right? Take off your belt- this is getting a little uncomfortable. But with AIT and the 'enhanced' pat down, the public was loudly letting the TSA know that they had reached the end of what we would accept, and Pistole has consistently refused to listen, putting every traveler through this awful, expensive experience to remove, what, a 1 in a billion chance that something could go wrong on a flight?
Pistole broke the partnership that he has relied upon, and I urge the TSA to fix it by returning to metal detectors as the primary screening method.
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Jun 24 2013, at 11:59 PM ET
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