Comment from Benjamin, Georges C., MD and Monforton, Celeste, DrPH, MPH; American Public Health Association (APHA)


See attached comments from the American Public Health Association, as well as 10 studies referenced in the comments, and a policy resolution from the American Medical Association.



1 Comment from Benjamin, Georges C., MD; American Public Health Association (APHA)

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2 Perez-Alonso Spain silica outbreak IJOEH Jan 2014

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Publication Reference: Pérez-Alonso, Aránzazu, et al. "Outbreak of silicosis in Spanish quartz conglomerate workers." International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health (2013).

3 Dumavibhat J Occup Health 2013 progression silicosis

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Publication Reference: Dumavibhat, N., et al. "Radiographic Progression of Silicosis among Japanese Tunnel Workers in Kochi." Journal of occupational health (2013).

4 Mohner Kersten JOEM 2013 COPD PFT

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Publication Reference: Möhner, M., Kersten, N., & Gellissen, J. (2013). Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and longitudinal changes in pulmonary function due to occupational exposure to respirable quartz. Occupational and environmental medicine, 70(1), 9-14.

5 Kramer Chest 2012 Silicos artificial stone

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Publication Reference: Kramer, Mordechai R., et al. "Artificial Stone SilicosisSilicosis Resurgence Among Stone WorkersDisease Resurgence Among Artificial Stone Workers." CHEST Journal 142.2 (2012): 419-424.

6 Chen PLoS Med 2012 Silica cause specific mortality

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Agency Notes: Copyright of PLoS Medicine is the property of Public Library of Science and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder's express written permission. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.
Publication Reference: Chen, Weihong, et al. "Long-term exposure to silica dust and risk of total and cause-specific mortality in Chinese workers: a cohort study." PLoS medicine 9.4 (2012): e1001206.

7 Kachuri Int J Cancer 2013 Lung cancer

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Publication Reference: Kachuri, Linda, et al. "Occupational exposure to crystalline silica and the risk of lung cancer in Canadian men." International Journal of Cancer (2013).

8 Gomez Puerta Autoimm Rev 2013 ANCA assoc vasculitis

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Publication Reference: Gómez-Puerta, José A., Lydia Gedmintas, and Karen H. Costenbader. "The association between silica exposure and development of ANCA-associated vasculitis: systematic review and meta-analysis." Autoimmunity reviews 12.12 (2013): 1129-1135.

9 Miller J Autoimmune 2012

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Agency Notes: NIH Public Access: doi:10.1016/j.jaut.2012.05.002
Publication Reference: Miller, Frederick W., et al. "Epidemiology of environmental exposures and human autoimmune diseases: findings from a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Expert Panel Workshop." Journal of autoimmunity 39.4 (2012): 259-271.

10 Makol AJIM 2011 Connective tissue

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Publication Reference: Makol, A., Reilly, M. J., & Rosenman, K. D. (2011). Prevalence of connective tissue disease in silicosis (1985–2006)—a report from the state of Michigan surveillance system for silicosis. American journal of industrial medicine, 54(4), 255-262.

11 Vupputuri Renal Fail 2012 Kidney disease

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Publication Reference: Vupputuri, Suma, et al. "Occupational Silica Exposure and Chronic Kidney Disease." Renal failure 34.1 (2012): 40-46.

12 Comment from Monforton, Celeste, DrPH, MPH; AMA policy resolution

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