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Please standardize the definition of Longitudinal Care as defined at S and I. An episode of care due to a new acute illness or an exacerbation of a chronic illness must inform future health concerns and conditions. Episodic care requires increased focus leading to more standardized assessments and better CDS to improve "intraoperability", however, longitudinal care and the perspective of care providers who remain in the service arena continuously for months, years or a lifetime must be injected into the certification process. In order to transform Meaningful Use from a verb to a noun, we must align Acute and Ambulatory Care with the community based service delivery arm known as LTPAC. The aligning principle is the Care Plan. Longitudinal Care is the duration of service informed by the Interdisciplinary, interoperable care plan. To restrict it to a single episode of acute care, or to the intermittent care, several times a year in a medical office, is insufficient to achieve the process reform now possible with technology enabled health care.



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