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I support this proposed legislation. As a nutritional professional working with both elementary and middle schools, I see firsthand how the a la carte, vending, and groups selling treats compete with the school lunch -- whether it be the USDA lunch or the sack lunch brought from home. How can we create a wellness culture in our schools unless we look at all the opportunities in which our students can purchase unhealthy foods? I've see kids who will purchased four bagels in the morning, and then pass up their lunch because they've been munching on bagels all day, or students who throw away their vegetable and fruit portion of lunch because they want to run out and purchase a bag of popcorn. When my kids first began school, there were some weeks where they would be given/have the opportunity to purchase a treat almost daily -- from birthday party cupcakes to teacher "rewards" to candy sales. Much has improved, but the overabundance of processed foods that kids have access to in the schools is out of control, and unfortunately, some schools will not take measures to address this issue.
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Date Posted: Mar 11, 2013
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