Porton Group (Lanny J. Davis & and Robert R. Hooper & Associates, LLC) - Citizen Petition

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Porton Group (Lanny J. Davis & and Robert R. Hooper & Associates, LLC) - Citizen Petition

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Authors: cdrh; 3M; investigation; baclite clinical; fastman/simplexa

Attachment - "In the High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division Commercial Court, Porton Capital Technology Funds, Porton...

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Authors: cdrh

ID: FDA-2011-P-0374-0001

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Date Posted: May 25, 2011
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Country: United States
State or Province: DC
Submitter's Representative: Lanny J. Davis & Associates, LLC
Category: Private Industry - C0003


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The Petition requests an investigation into 3M’s alleged “mishandling” of clinical trials conducted in connection with its efforts to obtain FDA approval for...
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