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In response to the petitioner's request please submit the attached Grant of Exemption Letter to Docket No. FAA-2012-0514, which provides ICON Aircraft an exemption from 14 CFR §§ 21.181(a)(3) and 21.190(a) to the extent necessary to allow the ICON A5 aircraft with a MTOW of 1680 pounds to be eligible for issuance of a special airworthiness certificate in the light-sport category. ICON Aircraft is also granted an exemption from 14 CFR §§ 61.89(c), 61.303(a), and 61.315(a) on behalf of persons exercising the privileges of a sport pilot certificate or student pilots seeking a sport pilot certificate to permit those persons to operate the ICON A5 and to permit flight time obtained in the ICON A5 to be considered flight time obtained in a light-sport aircraft. ICON Aircraft is also granted an exemption from 14 CFR §§ 61.411(a), 61.415, and 61.429(b) on behalf of persons exercising the privileges of a flight instructor certificate with a sport pilot rating to permit those persons to provide flight training in the ICON A5. Additionally, ICON Aircraft is granted an exemption from 14 CFR §§ 43.3(c), 43.7(g) and 65.107(b) and (c) on behalf of holders of sport pilot certificates and repairman certificates (light-sport aircraft) with a maintenance rating or an inspection rating to permit those persons to perform maintenance and preventive maintenance on ICON A5 aircraft as authorized within those sections.



U.S. DOT/FAA - Decision

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ID: FAA-2012-0514-0136

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Date Posted: Jul 29, 2013
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