Instructions on Filing a Submission to FAA for applications, petitions (excluding Sec. 333 Petitions), exemptions, and any other items for which a Docket does not exist.

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In DMS, Agencies were able to collect public requests such as Petitions, Applications, and Exemptions for which a docket did not exist and they were also able to collect comments on their regulatory activities. These actions can still be performed in FDMS by electronically submitting to a pre-existing docket called a “Shell Docket”.

Please click on the Comment icon for this document to file comments/submissions for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Please remember, only items which require NEW docket ID’s should be submitted to this “Shell Docket”. Once the submission has been filed, the DOT Dockets Staff will process and issue a new docket ID and post a notice in the “Shell Docket” with the new Docket ID. Please check the “Shell Docket” to obtain the docket ID issued by the Docket Staff. To be notified of the new docket ID via email, please subscribe to the docket and an email notification will be sent to you.

To file comments/submissions in existing dockets, you must locate the docket using the using the “Search for Dockets” feature and providing the Docket ID to find that docket in FDMS and submit your comment/submission to that particular docket.



Instructions on How To File a Submission

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ID: FAA-2007-0001-0001

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Date Posted: Sep 30, 2007
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