Workforce Guidelines for Home Energy Upgrades

The is a Comment on the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office (EERE) Notice: Workforce Guidelines for Home Energy Upgrades

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all"Inspections done in Weatherization program but no follow up to correct
errors-work paid for-

Audits approved and work done on homes; which were condemned, for sale, owned
by landlords who moved tenants who qualified for program around to newly
purchased homes in order to get freebies, occupied part time, etc...

Program in PA is forced on rate payers to fund; WRAP is paid for $8,000,000.00- by
bill payers---and the so much is wasted---I was paid $5.00 for every lightbulb I
changed - no limit, I was paid for every filter I changed or cleaned, no one checked
on me-I used free tools and was told to use them on my own time to make sure my
contractor was not my sole employer, I made >$63,000.00 cash from 1/1/07 to
10/1/07---that was what I made---what did my contractor make for doing nothing....?

and the people of my community paid-I quit

BPI was created to make money certifying people over and over---no experience
required to pass on rebates, no knowledge of the work except from a book and 1
field day ---then you get to offer rebates and someone who has done it 20 years

BPI lied to me about paying for the test ""right now because so many people are
signing up there won't be any room"" there was one other person who came with me
and no one else there----they lied to get money----the Federal Govt should not allow
a private corporation to be the gatekeeper for Home Performance

PPL used non Energy Star Refrigerators and said they were were ""Energy Efficient"""

all * see above"a few people are getting very rich from company contracts
which allow them free equipment and repairs and they use these tools outside of the
programs they work in---others have contracts and and are paid hourly wages or
salaries inside of the same programs concurrently for the same work---they divide
the work up over coffee with the utility sitting in and giving it's blessing to this lockout
of any new competition---this is in PA---Chu knows and the PA ATTY GEN knows
and the Dept of Energy AG in Pittsburgh knows---but he doesn't know what a Blower
Door is so how can he help---as for Chu and Corbett---it's on them

to force people to pay $2300.00 for a course and then $600 for a test just to apply
for a job is outrageous

pushing auditing and weatherization for the sake of profit and forcing it on everyone
for a price is not ethical and could be challenged in court---I will"

*whyWhy is Chu hiding the waste, fraud and abuse?
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Jan 7 2011, at 11:59 PM ET
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