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The is a Comment on the Department of Education (ED) Proposed Rule: Program Integrity: Gainful Employment

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I attended the Art Institute of California - San Diego, for a year. What I learned in the first year there was very interesting, but not actually helpful at all. Once I hit the beginning of the second year, the grading somewhat changed. Since it's art, my grade was always subject to the teacher's opinion. By that time, despite doing my assignments to the best of my ability and as per instructions, I found myself going from straight A's to nothing but D's from unreasonable instructors, and unable to continue to progress. By that time I had spent $30,000 on that school, and I still have these loans. I learned nothing that could get me a job, and have worked retail for the last 4 years. Many of my friends who managed to scrape by and graduate, either have not gotten jobs in their field (one of them, a veteran, wasted his entire G.I. Bill there), or are working in entry level jobs in the field, earning no more than minimum wage. I have no idea how these people are supposed to pay their student debts off. Those who graduate do so with more than $100,000 in debt. At the standard rate, they are expected to pay about $1,000 a MONTH. That's just $200 less than what they make per month. Thankfully, they qualify for income-based repayment, however, in the end the government will only recoup $5,269 of that $100,000 that was loaned, because after 25 years, the debt is erased. This puts a hardship on the government as well as the taxpayers who fund it. These schools are robbing us all blind and providing an education that could have just as easily been gained at a community college, had they more funding, and if not for the predatory recruiting tactics of these diploma mills. In my opinion, as a citizen still owing $25,000 in student loans because of this issue, it would be best to deny federal funds to these types of institutions in the future.
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May 27 2014, at 11:59 PM ET
ID: ED-2014-OPE-0039-0336
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Date Posted: May 20, 2014
RIN: 1840-AD15
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Submitter Name: Ashley Allen
City: Westwego
Country: United States
State or Province: LA
Category: Individual