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The following issues concern constituents in Iowa:
1. Many for profit private colleges charge high costs, leaving students with great debt, and no connections with employment. Colleges should be evaluated on the percent that attend college programs and graduate and obtain employment in their degreed fields. Many graduates cannot find jobs in their fields and end up working in occupations that do not even require a degree.

2. Many for profit private colleges recruit indviduals with promises of a better future, take their funding until it is exhausted, and then when they no longer have funding because they spent too long to get their credits, they cannot continue and the individual cannot go to another college because they have run out of PELL. Colleges should be evaluated on percentage of students who actually obtain a degree as well as the timeframe it takes to obtain that degree.

3. We find many for profit colleges fail to advise the individuals on the total cost of attending their program and the average salary that graduates achieve upon graduation, thus many graduates leave with a high debt load and a job that will take decades to pay off the loan. Colleges should be required to post the costs of their program and salary levels of graduates and their should be an efficiency ranking of colleges.
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Date Posted: Feb 6, 2014
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