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The is a Comment on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Proposed Rule: Safety Standard for Magnet Sets

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I am an elementary teacher who always has children's best interests in mind and I think banning magnet sets is a drastic move.
North American society is already so heavily regulated, all we need is yet another regulation telling us we lack common sense.

Magnet sets are a great tool to expand the minds of young and old people a like. It's a great educational tool for science, math, architecture, design and engineering.

Like many things with clear warnings to users and parents there is no reason to ban magnets. it's unfortunate that some people are so ignorant that they ignore current warnings but that's no reason to BAN something. I feel that the current level ignorance in today's society is directly related to the overregulation; people have forgotten how to think critically about situations because the government has been telling them how to do everything. You can't control everything there will always be something that is dangerous to stupid people. I've lived in Egypt for 2 years with almost no regulations on anything and I have to say compared to North Americans, egyptians are far more intelligent when it comes to common sense; this is because they've had to think for them selves and haven't had government officials telling them how to tie their shoes.

Lastly if you're even considering banning magnets, why don't you stop and first ban all the other things that are far more deadly or dangerous like:
over the counter medications
other harsh chemicals
matches and lighters
fire works

I think you get my point

Be reasonable
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Nov 19 2012, at 11:59 PM ET
ID: CPSC-2012-0050-1049
Tracking Number: 1jw-822h-mwnm

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Date Posted: Nov 27, 2012
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