Comment from Dayna Enriquez

The is a Comment on the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Proposed Rule: Importation of Chinese Sand Pears From China

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The importation of new fruits into the United States is great; however after reviewing the proposed rule, there seems to be too much at risk with the importation of Chinese sand pears. There are 16 pests that can possibly be introduced to the United States if proper measures are not followed by the producers, packinghouses and anyone involved in the importation. I think looking into fertility management would perhaps help decrease such risks in the importation of Chinese sand pears. Taking measures such as the pears being in importation in commercial consignments is a great idea because there is definitely less risk of introducing new pests into another country. Perhaps further research on how this will affect pear growers and their fruit in the United States would allow this proposed rule to gain acceptance.
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Feb 14 2012, at 11:59 PM ET
ID: APHIS-2011-0007-0005
Tracking Number: 80f9c1f8

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Date Posted: Jan 23, 2012
RIN: 0579-AD42
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Submitter Name: Dayna Enriquez
City: La Verne
Country: United States
State or Province: CA