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August 2015

The following enhancements and improvements were implemented in the August 2015 release:

  • Home Page

    Updated the Home Page Content and Layout.

  • Docket Folder Summary

    • Updated the Point of Contact section so that all dockets can display agency contact information. Previously, this information was only pulled from the Unified Agenda when a RIN was assigned.

    • Updated the order in the Primary Documents section so that Rules and Proposed Rules that are open for comment are more easily accessible. Documents are first organized by the comment due date and secondly, by posted date. To see additional Primary Documents a user can still click the “View All” link next to the Primary Documents header.

  • Developers

    The Developers link will now open to the Regulations.gov GitHub pages. These pages offer interactive documentation for developers who are working with the Regulations.gov APIs.

  • API Overview

    Serves as an information hub to learn about the APIs. It offers an Overview, Terms of Service, and the Showcase.

  • Media Toolkit

    The Media Toolkit includes updated Fact Sheets, Executive Orders, and information about Regulations.gov and the eRulemaking program.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Updated several FAQs and added the question, “How can I use a docket export?”.

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